The Thirst by Jo Nesbo – Harry Hole #11

I received this novel as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first book I have read in the Harry Hole series. This made me a bit worried since I felt that I would be missing out on a lot of details but a lot of people assured me that I would still enjoy the story as a standalone. With these reassurances, I began my journey into the world of Harry Hole … and here is my review:

In the latest novel featuring Inspector Harry Hole, Harry is hunting down a serial killer who uses Tinder to find his victims. Each victim is a self-declared Tinder addict. On examination of the body, there is only one clue: fragments of rust and paint in her wounds. Harry does not want to get involved with this case; he promised himself that he would never go back into the field. But there’s something about these murders that grabs his attention. Despite his promises, and in spite of all the risks, Harry throws himself back into the chase, in search of the monster who got away.

As someone who is completely unfamiliar with this series, I felt I was at a disadvantage. There were all of these subplots and character interactions that I didn’t feel like I grasped 100%, so my experience fell a bit short. That being said, this is still a very well-written and engaging thriller. I was swept up in the chase from the beginning and could not put this book down. I really liked Harry’s character; he is so flawed yet so perfect in his role as a detective. The mystery itself was really well executed and I enjoyed watching it all come together. All of the characters were well developed and I enjoyed finding out how everyone was connected, even if my understanding was superficial compared to that of a fan of the series. This novel has definitely shown me what I am missing, and you can bet that I will be getting myself into this series as soon as I possibly can!

Happy reading ~



A Time of Torment by John Connolly – Charlie Parker #14

I was given this novel as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Apparently, this novel is part of a series. I did not know that when I received it but I realized this fact soon enough. Either way, it had a very intriguing plot that combined mystery and the supernatural so I was happy to give it a shot!

Jerome Burnel was once a hero, who saved multiple lives during a robbery. But in the process, he doomed himself. His life went to pieces and he came out of his ordeal as a broken man. But it isn’t over yet. There are still those hunting him, waiting to take him down and send a message to others. Jerome knows this and turns to the only person he believes can help him: private detective Charlie Parker. Jerome tells him of the series of events that led him to this point and how he is being hunted by a sect of people that worship a dark and dangerous entity. Charlie Parker listens in silence. He is not like other men. He has died and been reborn and is ready to wage war against forces unknown. Charlie knows that in order to discover the identity of this entity, he must descent upon this sect, known as the Cut, and find out how to stop the men who rule in the name of the being they serve.

After reading this novel, the first thing that came to my mind was “where has this series been all my life?!” It is absolutely fantastic. It is dark and mysterious and creepy as hell. I wish I had read a couple of the previous books in the series so that I could follow along with some of the references to the past, but it wasn’t necessary for this story and I was able to enjoy the novel. I love the way the author weaves in multiple voices and exposes the Cut for the twisted community it is. The character of Charlie Parker remains an enigma – just the way I like my detectives! This is one of the best books I have gotten the chance to review before release and I strongly urge fans of John Connolly as well as those who haven’t read anything by him to BUY THIS NOVEL IMMEDIATELY! I promise that it will NOT disappoint!

Happy reading ~

The Missing Hours by Emma Kavanagh

This novel was a top priority for me because it is an advanced copy that is being released TOMORROW. Yes, you heard me, TOMORROW! And I will let you know right now that this book was quite fantastic and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new crime fiction novel!

When DC Leah Mackay is sent to investigate a missing persons report, she is stunned to find out that the missing woman, Dr. Selena Cole, left her two young children all by themselves. What ends up being even more surprising is when Selena comes back all by herself – but with no recollection of where she has been for the past 24 hours. Although the file is now closed and DC Mackay is sent off onto another case, Leah cannot help but wonder what happened during those hours. Where did Selena go and what compelled her to leave her two vulnerable children outside in a park? As Leah investigates her next murder case, she can’t help but see connections between the two cases, connections that could potentially reveal what happened during the 24-hour disappearance of Selena Cole.

What I loved about this novel is that it was not a straight narrative told from the perspective of one character. Not only did it have the viewpoints of a range of characters, but it also included case reports and articles on incidents – all of which gave clues to the main mystery in the novel. I always find that when authors use these different modes of telling the story, it is more interesting to read. Another point that made this book enjoyable was its focus on the business of kidnapping and ransom. I never actually knew how big of a deal this issue was, let alone that there was insurance for it! This novel gave me great insight into that world, and kept it interesting and relevant to the reader! I loved all of the characters and the subplots and the way in which everything tied together. I enjoyed my whole experience with this novel, where I was caught up in the story from the very first page all the way to the very last. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to read this advanced copy and I urge anyone interested in crime fiction to give this novel a chance!

Happy reading ~

The Watcher in the Wall by Owen Laukkanen

Remember how I always say that I have to read the first books in the series before I read another? Well, I broke that rule with this novel! I read the premise for it and just found it to be too good to ignore. I didn’t want to wait until I had gotten the first book so I decided to just go for it!

Carla Windemere and her partner, Kirk Stevens, are part of the joint FBI-BCA violent crimes task force and have had their fair share of disturbing cases, But when Steven’s daughter, Andrea, asks them to investigate the case of a student in her class who committed suicide, things become even more troublesome. What seems to be an ordinary case of suicide ends up being more than just an isolated event. There is a teenage suicide chat group that is presided over by an anonymous person who seems to be pushing vulnerable teenagers to commit the final act and kill themselves. Andrea’s classmate wasn’t the first to be enticed… and won’t be the last. Stevens and Windemere have to find this psychopath – before time runs out for his next victim.

I started this book this morning. And I did not put it down the whole time. My family literally had to take the book away from me so that I would spend time with them and eat dinner. This book was fantastic and had me on the edge of my seat. I could not stop following the journey of all of the different characters. Windemere is one of my favorite detectives of all time. And the psychopath? Well, I loved the way the author depicted him. Everything about this novel was perfect. And my gamble to not read the rest of the series worked! Although there were parts that I couldn’t figure out because I hadn’t read the series, it was minor and not too big of a deal. If anything, this novel convinced me to go back and read everything else connected to Windemere and Stevens. If you are looking for your next crime fiction novel, look no further than this one! It will have you enthralled and full of suspense until the very last page!

Happy reading ~

Nightshade by Jonelle Patrick – Only In Tokyo Book #1

When I turned 12, I found myself experiencing Japanese culture for the very first time. All of my friends and peers were interested in manga and anime, and everywhere I went in school, I would hear people say random phrases in Japanese. Naturally, I got caught up in the hype and I soon became a huge fan of everything Japanese; I loved the music, their art, the language, their festivals… I just loved it all! Even now, Japan holds a lot of allure and after reading this novel, I’ve decided to go back to exploring everything this country has to offer. But in the meantime, here is my review:

In Japan, group suicide has become a common trend, with many websites offering advice and services for those trying to quit their mortal bodies. So when Kenji Nakamura encounters a car with thr body of 3 victims, he is ready to write it off – until he notices that the third victim doesn’t seem to belong to this group. Why would a Goth Lolita in Mary Jane’s choose to die in such a way? When Kenji’s suspicions are voiced by the victim’s best friend, Yumi Hata, he knows he must act quick to figure out what is really going on here – and whether there is a serial killer on the loose.

This novel is one of those great crime thrillers with a whodunit storyline. I loved that it was set in Japan and incorporated slang terms and cultural aspects. I always enjoy reading novels that are told from a different cultural standpoint because it is just so refreshing. The story itself was good and the reader was given plenty of clues throughout so that you could solve the mystery on your own. I especially liked that there was a romantic aspect involved; it added a little spice to the whole scene! Overall, this was a great crime fiction novel with enough Japanese lingo to keep me happy. It is part of a series so definitely check it out!

Happy reading ~

One For The Money by Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum series #1

When someone first told me to read this novel, I didn’t really think that I would like it. I don’t usually like humorous books that have a lot of flirting in it. I prefer more serious and thrilling novels. But I am no book snob so I decided to take the opportunity to get outside of my comfort zone.

Stephanie needs a job – and fast. She can’t seem to find any job that fits her and her rent is coming up FAST! So when her uncle has a position free as a bounty hunter, Stephanie jumps at the chance. And who does she get but Joe Morelli, the man who stole her heart many years ago and never gave it back. It doesn’t help that Morelli is a cop who knows how to be a fugitive. Plum is going to need all of the help she can get from expert bond enforcement agent Ranger, a hooker named Lula, and all of her quirky family members.

I couldn’t stop smiling throughout this novel. Yes, Stephanie Plum comes off as the stereotypical pretty girl who somehow has enough smarts to save the day. But she is so spunky and sarcastic that you can’t help but love her. Although there is a hint of romance, it turns into a wonderful friendship which I really enjoyed. And it isn’t like Stephanie is ditzy; on the contrary, she feels things deeply and has a strong sense of morality and justice. I am now super addicted to this series and I cannot wait to read the next novel in the series! If you are looking for a quirky detective fiction series, this is one to check out!

Happy reading ~

Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

I have no idea how I found the time to read this book. It’s a really stressful time for me at school and this book is quite long. But I finished it in a matter of days and I must say, it was worth it!

The New York Museum for Natural History has always been popular. But it’s about to get a lot more interesting: the directors of the museum have decided to open a massive exhibition on all sorts of hidden mysteries in the world. But as the date for the opening approaches, the museum staff are horrified to discover that there is a killer on the loose that is savagely murdering museum visitors and staff, a killer that may not even be human… The directors are firm in their decision to continue with preparations for the new exhibition. It’s up to Margo Green, a museum  researcher, to discover who (or what) is responsible for the grisly deaths – before the killer can strike again!

This book was quite good! I loved the buildup and the different perspectives of each character. The biological explanations were quite sound and the main detective was a very unique character. It felt like a mix of Sherlock Holmes with Jurassic Park – and I really enjoyed this combination. If you like Michael Crichton’s stuff or James Rollins, then you will thoroughly enjoy this book. I can’t wait to read the rest of the novels in this series (did I mention it’s part of a series? Because it is. And I intend to read all of it!)!!

Happy reading ~

Memory Man by David Baldacci

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this author and I wanted to start a new mystery series. So I decided to start with this book. It is the first one to be written and I have no idea when the next one will be out (hopefully soon!) but I’m excited to give it a go!

What would you do if you could never forget anything? When a football accident in college knocks him out, Amos Decker wakes up to discover that he can never forget a single thing. Two decades later, this ability of his comes in handy at his job as a police detective. Until the day he comes home to find his family murdered. As his life spirals out of control and the killer remains elusive, Amos quits the force and does menial private detective work to make ends meet. When his former boss calls him in to work a case, Amos discovers a link between this case and his family’s murder. The killer seems to have a personal vengeance against Decker – and isn’t done ruining his life yet.

I loved this novel. It was fast-paced yet not too hard to follow along. Everything was perfectly connected and I loved all of the characters. Amos was the perfect tragic hero! I cannot wait for the next novel in the series! If you are looking for a great mystery series to start, definitely consider this one!

Happy reading ~

Season of Darkness by Maureen Jennings

I read this book quickly but I didn’t write a review for it right away. I guess I’ve just been letting it sit, trying to determine what it is I want to say about out it. I think I know now.

England in the 1940s is a chaotic place, especially because of what happened at Dunkirk with the Germans. In Shropshire, some of the boys have returned home for a brief respite, one of them being the son of Detective Tom Tyler. What happened in thr battlefield still haunts the boys and Tyler is anxious to ease the suffering he sees in his son’s eyes – if only his son would let him in.
Meanwhile, many girls have decided to do their part in the war efforts and have joined the Land Army to help farmers keep up with their work. When one of the girls is murdered, Detective Tyler is eager to put his skills to use. But what appeared to be a lover’s quarrel gone wrong is beginning to show signs of a deeper, more sinister plot that could potentially affect the outcome of the war.

This book was written by the author of the hit TV show Murdoch Mysteries, which is a favourite in my family. I liked the historical aspects and I liked the way the detective went about solving the murder. The romance aspect was not to my taste, especially the main character has an affair (and no, I don’t think I’m ruining this by revealing what happens here; as it is, you will find out about it in the first few pages). It was a nice read but it didn’t catch my interest as much as I would have liked. It is part of a series and I would urge those who like this book to continue on with it!

Happy reading ~